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    Hi Everyone, My name is Fred. If you have come to this site., then you must be a Classic Buick Admirer like myself. I own a 1970 GS 455 that I bought about 3 years ago. I have been restoring it slow but sure. I would like someday, to do a complete off chasis & body restoration, but right now it's not really in that bad of shape , so right now I'm just cruise'n like the rest of you guys.

   I hope that you will enjoy this web page of mine.....

   By the way this is my wife's first attempt at a web page, so you may find some parts still under construction...


    In 1970, Buick went a long way towards changing its image as just a luxury car producer and entered the Muscle Car wars in earnest. Using the Skylark platform, Buick introduced the aggressive looking GS and GSX series as Automobiles to Light Your Fire.

    Both the GS and GSX could be equipped with the potent 360 hp, 455 cu. in. Stage 1 engine. The GSX was offered as a "special order only" in 1970 and distinguished itself from the relatively plain looking GS by offering a great looking stripe package, spoilers, and performance suspension components.

    On the street the GSX served Buick’s image well. Equipped with a high lift camshaft, low restriction dual exhaust, functional hood scoops and a giant four barrel carb, the GSX had that throaty, intimidating sound muscle car buyers expected from their machines. The GSX could turn on the speed as well as any car of its day, with 1/4 mile times just under 13.5 seconds as speeds of 105 mph.

    Only 678 Buick GSXs were produced in 1970. Today the GSX is considered a rare and very collectible automobile. When fully restored, a GSX demands a price tag many times more than its original.



1970 BUICK GS 455

Wheelbase 111.0 Drive train Suspension Engine 455
Overall length 202.2 Transmission TCI StreetFighter Turbo Hydramatic 400 Front suspension Independent, unequal length control arms Bore & Stroke 4.3125 x 3.9
Overall Width 77.3 Axle Positive traction 12 bolt Rear suspension Live axle, 4-link Displacement 462 cid
Height 54.0 Mosier billit axels with c-clip eliminators
Rear control Arms boxed (upper and lower)
Compression ratio 10:1
Front Track 59.0 Ratio 3.73:1 Springs 450-lb. coils front,
144-lb. coils is rear with
anti roll system

Horsepower 450 @ 4000rpm (I don't really know)
Curb Weight 3,919.7 lbs Stabilizer Bars 1.0-in. front; .875-in rear Torque 525 @ 2800rpm

Steering Ratios 14.6:1-11.0:1 (variable)
Carbeuration Carter AFB 750 manual Choke
Turns lock-to-lock 3.4
Camshaft Hydraulic
Brakes 9.5-in. finned cast iron drums in front and aluminum in rear Lift, in/ex .516/.516

Wheels 15x7 in front; 15x8.5 rear
Duration 286 int 296 ex
Tires Bf-Goodrich 235 front; 295 rear Overlap 13
Valve size, in/ex 2.0/1.687- in.
Exhaust Flow master 2-chambers

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